Thursday, June 18, 2009

No time

It's not bad enough that Minchah-Maariv (Afternoon-Evening Services) at the not-far-by-subway egalitarian Conservative synagogue at which I'm saying Kaddish for my mother lasts less than half an hour total, forcing me to skip most of the (optional?) "Baruch HaShem l'olam" brachah/blessing and to say Aleinu on the subway or after I get home.

What really has me upset is that I can't add personal prayers within the brachot/blessings of the Amidah prayer.

I have no time to express the hope that our son will continue to do well in grad school (during the brachah/blessing "chonen ha-daat," thanking HaShem for graciously giving knowledge).

There's no time to pray for good health for my father, and for a couple of friends who've recently undergone a couple of surgeries ("R'faeinu, Heal us . . .").

I have no time to to express the hope that my family and friends will manage during these difficult economic times ("U'varech sh'nateinu ka-shanim ha-tovot, and bless our year like the good years").

There's no time to pray for help for all those in need of help ("Sh'ma koleinu, Hear our voices"), especially the missing chayalei Tzahal/soldiers of the Israel Defense Force .

Praying on a stopwatch. I hate it.


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